Scott Neary Sweeps World Championships

On opening night of the World Championship Weekend for the Tobias Slingshot, early season championship favorite Scott Neary, dominated the All Star Slingshot feature event. Neary wasted no time taking the top spot and was masterful in lap traffic to secure the win. Taylor Mills finished in second. Lindsey Garl, Justin Thompson, and Tyler Hoch were the top five finishers.

Zach Steffy, Shelby McLaughlin, Tyler Ulsh, Andrew Turpin, and Sam Neary rounded out the top ten finishers for the opening night race on Friday.

Brett Bieber, Scott Neary, Taylor Mills, and Ben Layser were the heat race winners while Shelby McLaughlin and Jax Yohn won the consolation races.

Saturday’s afternoon race on a daytime race track didn’t change the outcome of the All Star Slingshot feature. Although former World Champion Brett Bieber took the lead away from Scott Neary at points during the event, Neary always came back to reclaim the lead and eventual win. Bieber finished second ahead of Dylan Hoch. Dave Carraghan and Sam Neary closed out the top five.

Taylor Mills was sixth followed by Danny Buccafusca, Thomas Nettleship, Jax Yohn, and Tyler Ulsh.

Scott Neary, Linsey Garl, Brett Bieber, and Taylor Mills took heat race wins with Sam Neary and Jax Yohn winning consolation races.

Scott Neary had a different foe on the Saturday night race of the weekend. This time Lindsey Garl took a shot at Neary to see if she could knock off the two time winner. Garl was in the front of the field a few times, but once again Neary remained unshaken and was in the front of the field when the checkered flag was waved. Garl took second with Sam Neary, Dylan Hoch, and Tyler Ulsh in the top five.

Andrew Turpin was sixth ahead of Amanda Angstadt, Steve McLaughlin, Tyler Hoch, and John Schantz.

Scott Neary, Lindsey Garl, Sam Neary, and Dave Carraghan won heat races. Jax Yohn and John Schantz were consolation winners.

The Sunday finale was canceled because of rain.

Scott Neary and Paulie Hartwig III used perfect weekends to lock up World Championships in their respective divisions.

This event concluded the Linda’s Speedway season and the World Championship Point Season for the Slingshots.

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