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National Racing Network to Broadcast National Open 31

Jonestown, PA (September 10, 2020) - One of the most historic micro-sprint races in the country will make history again in 2020. The 31st Annual Linda’s National Open will air exclusively on, the new home of the National Racing Network’s broadcasts. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with such fantastic people as Linda and Mike Batz. This mother and son duo have a first class facility, and we can’t wait to showcase it for our viewers,” NRN Executive Producer Chris Graham said.

Promoter Mike Batz added, “I have always wanted to present this race on the biggest scale possible. We have so many teams that travel from Western PA, Ohio, and New York; and now their family, friends, and fans can watch. Plus anytime we talk about streaming, I often think about my dad. He enjoyed when he could see the races when he couldn’t be at the track.” Those family ties run deep at Linda’s, and the entire motorsports family will have the opportunity to share in the excitement of the National Open this year.

In addition to being one of the first events on the platform, there are several advancements coming to the broadcast. More cameras, and views typically seen only in major network broadcasts, are among the features coming to the National Open. “While many platforms try to justify a PPV with one or two cameras, our plan is to provide up to eight unique views of the racing surface, and everything surrounding the National Open,” NRN’s Graham commented. The Linda's Speedway team is just as pumped up as well. Batz commented, “The bigger potential audience which could lead to sponsor opportunities. I truly believe we have one of the biggest and best micro Sprint races in the world here in October every year; so being able to show people that will definitely be something we are excited about. Our racers are second to none. They will not disappoint.”

There are a multitude of storylines to follow as the big race approaches, including a new surface which some of the travelling teams haven’t run yet in 2020. The racing is sure to be exciting with Batz saying, “This year is pretty much wide open. For the 270 Micro Sprint race it will probably come down to whoever makes the right adjustment - right before the race - with the new Speedway surface. And for the 600 Micro Sprints there is no defending winner because of Tim Buckwalter‘s injury so this year could potentially be one of the craziest we’ve seen yet.” Also on the stories to watch list is one driver with thousands of laps on the Jonestown oval, but never a win in its signature event. “A big one is can TK finally do it. Tommy Kunsman has established himself as a successful nationwide driver. He won Linda’s Speedway championships, the Skyscraper, and was in contention at Tulsa. This race still eludes him. Terry Schaeffer is arguably the greatest Micro Sprint racer in central pa and never won this race. Tommy doesn’t want to look back on that,” Batz said.

With two divisions of racing, qualifiers and the Race of Champions on Friday night, and the alphabet soup and Championship Features on Saturday, this is one race you don’t want to miss. When asked about what story is most interesting to him personally, Batz deadpanned, “There are too many to list. That’s why this race is amazing. It’s a must see. There are so many stories and so much history. You just have to live it to appreciate it all.”

The PPV is available for purchase on now. With a price of $34.99 for both days of racing action, there won’t be a better show that weekend. “I would put this product up against the best in the dirt racing world. Our team is ready to go, and showcase the best drivers racing that weekend in Pennsylvania. Our viewers will be in for a treat,” Graham summarized. Partnership opportunities for the Linda's National Open, and all of the content available on NRN are available by emailing

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