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Kunsman/Light Split 600 Micro Sprint Honors; Skias & Bartik use late race passes

The Mt Gretna Roller Rink 270 Micro Sprint feature was an instant classic Friday night. Mike Boyer led much of the race. Nick Skias tracked Boyer down in lap traffic and on lap 24 pulled even with Boyer until a yellow flag came on. On the restart Skias made a quick move around the outside of the defending Linda’s Speedway champion to take his first win of the season. Skias, Boyer, Scott Gingrich, 11th starter Jason Swavely and Pete Skias were the top five finishers.

270 Micro Sprint heat wins went to Pete Skias, Nick Skias, and Mike Boyer.

The Hoosier Tire MA/ Hyper Racing Wingless 600 Micro Sprints kicked off the nights racing action. The 25 lap feature saw Tommy Kunsman make a pass of Matt Warner to take the top spot for good. Kunsman was behind the wheel of John Vreeland’s 34 car under the checkered flag. Warner was second with Nick Skias, Mike Rutherford, and Ryan Kunkle rounding out the top five finishers.

Wingless 600 Micro Sprint heat wins were taken by Brandon Heist, Matt Warner, Jason Swavely, and Ryan Kunkle. Fred Heinly won the B Main.

Zach Light had not been to victory lane at Linda’s Speedway in ten years. Light drove his 11z winged 600 Micro Sprint to winner’s circle Friday night holding off the advances of Randy Kunkle for much of the event. Nick Skias also joined the race for the win in the closing laps of the Hyper Racing/ Hoosier Tire feature event. Light, Kunkle, Skias were joined in the top five my Tommy Kunsman and 20th place starter Mike Rutherford.

Winged 600 Micro Sprint heat wins went to Nick Skias, Zach Light, and Jackson White.

The Appalachian Auto LLC Chargers were part of twin 12 lap feature races on Friday Night. Ed Hollenbach and Dale Kresier took checkered flags in the events. Kreiser took the top spot in the first feature event running to the checkered flag over Justin Riegel, Ed Hollenbach, Shane Flaherty, and Francis Gross III.

In the second feature race Ed Hollenbach snuck by Chris Smith just past half way to see the checkered flag first. Smith was second. Francis Gross III rounded out the podium finishers. Dale Kreiser and Shane Flaherty rounded out the top five finishers.

Charger heat winners were Flaherty, Kresier, and Darrel Wagner.

Tyler Bartik has been a top runner in the Xcel 600 Modifieds for a long time. After some time out of the seat of a race car he returned this season and Friday night took the victory in the NSS Property Services Modified Tour Race. Bartik used a late race restart to go by race long leader Riley Hummel. Kenny Harris got to second, but settled for the runner up spot. Hummel was third. Korey Inglin and Eric Whitby were the top five finishers.

The Modified tour heat winners were Riley Hummel, Ty Hoke, Eric Whitby and winning the B Main was Ray Gradwell.

Next Friday night the regular five classes are in action for only $5 general admission! The most diverse five for five of the season will see the 270 and Wingless 600 Micro Sprints competing along with the Slingshots, Modifieds, and Chargers!

Pit gates open at 5 and grandstands open at 5:30. Practice starts at 7 followed by racing.

More information regarding Linda’s Speedway can be found on, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also call the speedway hotline at 717-865-5330.

Linda’s Speedway returned to racing after a rain out with a five division race on Friday May 14th.

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