Junior World Title to Paulie Hartwig III

Paulie Hartwig III took the early race lead of the kickoff race for the Junior Slingshot World Championship Weekend. Once Hartwig took command he never relinquished it. Nolan Layser and Aidan Donaldson battled for second with Layser taking the spot at the checkered flag.

James Hendricks was fourth followed by Chase Zimmer.

Brock Pinkerous was sixth followed by Brayden Morrison, Tucker Cole, Josh Landers, and James Blewett.

Hartwig, Layser, and Donaldson won the heat races for the Junior Slingshots.

Even with the World Championship point leader Brock Pinkerous on his heels, Paulie Hartwig III stayed in front of the field to win the second race of the weekend for the Junior Slingshots. In the closest finish of the weekend, Pinkerous made a late race run that came up just short.

Hartwig III and Pinkerous led James Hendericks, Nolan Layser, and Aidan Donaldson in the top five.

Hartwig III and Pinkerous were heat race winners.

The dream weekend continued on the Junior Slingshot side of things for Paulie Hartwig III with his third win of the weekend. This time a late race restart pitted Hartwig against James Hendricks and Aidan Donaldson to the checkered flag. Hendricks was under Hartwig in the final corner. Hartwig has just enough to hold on for the win.

Charlene Benz and James Blewett rounded out the top five finishers.

Hartwig III and Blewett won the heat races for the Junior Slingshots.

The Sunday finale was canceled because of rain.

Scott Neary and Paulie Hartwig III used perfect weekends to lock up World Championships in their respective divisions.

This event concluded the Linda’s Speedway season and the World Championship Point Season for the Slingshots.

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