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June 11th falls victim to rain

Racing at Linda’s Speedway scheduled for Friday June 11th has been canceled due to rain.

Coming up next week, June 18, is much anticipated return of the Mason Dixon 270 Micro Sprint series along with the Modified Tour race, Slingshots, Chargers and Bike races! All bike racers must wear a helmet. All participants will receive a prize.

There has been a schedule change for June 24. The planned All Pro SpeedSTR event has been postponed. There will be no racing Thursday, June 24th at the speedway.

June 25 will provide one of the most diverse races of the season at Linda’s Speedway. The 270 Micro Sprints will be joined by the Modifieds, Mini Late Models, Chargers, and Central Pa Legends!

General Admission for all of these events will be $5. Pit Pass will be $25.

Don’t forget Richie Hartman Promotions will be at Linda’s Speedway on Friday July 2 and Saturday July 3!

Friday will feature racing from the Winged 600 Micro Sprints, 270 Micro Sprints, and 600 Modifieds.

Saturday the 270 Micro Sprints and Modifieds are back in action joined by the 125 Micro Sprints and the Wingless 600 Micro Sprints.

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