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Hartman returns to victory lane; Barlet first time winner

Richie Hartman has waited since 2013 to revisit Linda’s Speedway victory lane. It happened Friday night in a Wingless 600 Micro Sprint. Hartman dominated the 25 laps Hoosier Tire Hyper Racing feature event. Garyt Smith was second followed by Bobby Butler in the podium. Ryan Kunkle was fourth followed by Jake Winters.

Richie Hartman, Garyt Smith and Jake Winters won the heat races and Logan Rumsey won the BMain.

Mike Boyer leading the 270 Micro Sprint feature usually results in a checkered flag for the defending champion. Boyer’s car slowed giving the lead to second place Dakota Barlet. Barlet held onto the race lead the rest of the way for his first 270 Micro Sprint win at the track. Barlet has a Slingshot win to his credit at the Speedway. Brian Heist, Dan Boyer, Scott Gingrich, and Courtney Kupp were the top five.

Scott Gingrich and Mike Boyer won heat races for the 270 Micro Sprints.

Dave Carraghan kept his momentum rolling in the Slingshots during the Speedweek race with a victory from the tenth starting spot. Brett Bieber was second and Kyle Herve were the top three. Scott and Sam Neary completed the top five.

Dave Carraghan and Scott Neary won heat races for the All Star Slingshots.

Chase Schott battled Chase Zimmer for much of the Junior Slingshot race at the front of the field. Schott made the winning pass just after half way on his way to the checkered flag. Zimmer was second followed by Dylan Hahn. Parker Hendricks and New York’s Jaden Pierce were the top five finishers.

Chase Schott won the Junior Slingshot Heat race.

Dale Kreiser saw the checkered flag first for the Chargers. Chucky Kimmel was second to keep the points battle close. Troy Hostetter was third followed by Ed Hollenbach and Darrel Wagner.

Ed Hollenbach and Francis Gross won the heat races.

Next Friday, Aug 20, the 270 and wingless 600 Micro Sprints, Modifieds, Chargers, and the return of the Central Pa Legends.

Gates open at 5, hot laps are at 7, and racing will follow.

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