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Allegrucci Wins TT Opener; Scicchitano Mod Tour Winner

The Mt Gretna Roller Rink 270 Micro Sprint Time Trial series once again provided a thrilling main event. Following qualifying Nunzi Allegrucci was showing the field to the green flag. Allegrucci stayed at the front of the field for the full 25 laps. The exciting part came in the closing laps when Scott Gingrich caught Allegrucci as the two raced through lap traffic. Ben Stolz also closed on the leader in as the checkered flag neared. Gingrich made one big run on the final corner and got to the rear bumper of the race leader before settling for second.

Allegrucci was first to the line followed by Scott Gingrich, Ben Stolz, Mike Boyer, and Mike Rutherford.

270 Micro Sprint quick timer was Don Schmidt. Mike Boyer won the dash.

270 Micro Sprint heat races were won by Mike Boyer, Nunzi Allegrucci, and Pete Skias. Jason Swavely won the B Main.

The NSS Property Services 600 Modified tour event feature took the green flag behind Eric Whitby. Sam Scicchitano soon took over the top spot. Korey Inglin worked his way to the race lead and took the checkered flag. Inglin did not pass the post-race inspection declaring Scicchitano the winner. Whitby was second and Josh Bewely rounded out the podium finishers. Kenny Harris and Matt Yoder were the top five.

The Modified heat race wins went to Eric Whitby, Kenny Harris, and Josh Bewely. Korey Inglin was the B Main winner.

Mike Rutherford used lap traffic and the inside line of the race track to go by race long leader Rodney Westhafer in lap traffic for the win in the Hoosier Tire/ Hyper Racing 600 Micro Sprint feature event on Friday night. It’s Rutherford’s first win at Linda’s Speedway in a 600 Micro Sprint since 2010.

Westhafer was second followed by Logan Rumsey, Brian Kramer, and Trent Yoder.

The 600 Micro Sprint heat race winners were Jason Swavely, Trent Yoder, Jacob Homnick and winning the B Main Garyt Smith.

Chucky Kimmel caught his team mate Troy Hostetter and used the help of a lap car to make his bid for the top spot. Kimmel secured spot one and once he did he was there for good. Dale Kreiser worked his way to second ahead of Hostetter, Ed Hollenbach, and Justin Riegel in the top five.

Charger heats went to Ed Hollenbach, Dale Kreiser, and Chris Smith. Josh Michael won the Charger consolation event.

Next Friday is the annual running of the Earman Fulk Memorial held in honor of the Linda’s Speedway builder and early promoter. The Central Pa Legends will make their first start of the 2021 season along with the 270 and wingless 600 Micro Sprints. The All Star and Junior Slingshots will be in action. The All Star Slingshots are racing in twin 15 feature events!

Grandstand admission will be $5 for this event and it will be broadcast live on the National Racing Network.

For more information on Linda’s Speedway you can visit, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also call the track hotline at 717-865-5330 for details on the upcoming events or to contact the speedway. If you would like to contact the speedway via email you can do so at

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