270 Micro Sprint Format Might Change for 2020

The format for the 270 Micro Sprint National Open has been a subject of discussion since the format was changed to a point system following Friday night’s racing.

“When we ran the three day National Open we used a different format and after that we started using the qualifiers on Friday night after time trials similar to what the Indoor Auto Racing series uses,” said Michael Batz of Linda’s Speedway. “We started using that format to give drivers the opportunity to recover from a rough time trial effort before going into the heat races on Saturday. There has been some discussion about eliminating the qualifiers and going into the format that just uses time trials, heat races, alphabet mains, and the A Mains. I am open to the discussion.”

Batz also added that most of the bigger races are using heat races and qualifiers for all drivers and then points to the A or B Mains.

The 2020 National Open format is currently set to use Time Trials to line up 60 cars in Qualifiers for points. The top ten in points would move into the A Main. Qualifier winners (if not locked in on points) would go to spots 11-12-13 in points followed by the highest point earning driver that didn’t lock in. The points would line up Saturday heat races.

To offer input on the 2020 National Open 270 Micro Sprint procedure you can email Mike@LindasSpeedway.com or text 304-981-1976.

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