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Rain Win's "The Big One"; Rescheduled information enclosed

Right as cars were coming to the staging area at Linda’s Speedway on Friday July 3 rain began to fall. The races were soon canceled as the rain continued.

The 125 Micro Sprint “Big One” will be made up July 31.

A date is being worked on to try to host the Open 4 cyl cars once before they return on Oct 2.

Rain checks for both the grandstands and pit area may be mailed back to the speedway with a self-addressed stamped envelope by August 3. No rain checks will be accepted after that time.

Rain checks may also be used at the speedway the next two weeks. Car Entries are held for the next two events for the 270 Micro Sprints, Winged 600 Micro Sprints, 125 Micro Sprints, and Chargers. 4 Cyl drivers that did not get a car entry refund can contact the speedway for further details.

Next Friday, July 10, the 270 Micro Sprints, Wingless 600 Micro Sprints, Slingshots, Central Pa Legends, and Xcel 600 Modified tour will be racing. Gates open at 5. Hot laps at 7.

For more information visit, social media, or call the speedway 717-865-5330.

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