Linda’s Speedway will host Drive Thru Car Show Friday May 22

Last week a post was made on the Linda’s Speedway Facebook page about a car needed for a display that the Speedway was involved in at the Northern Lebanon High School. An overwhelming response from racers and fans has initiated and idea for Linda’s Speedway to open Friday for a Drive Thru car show.

On Friday May 22 at 7:00 Linda’s Speedway will open the gate for racing fans and local community members to drive through the speedway grounds to see cars on display from their favorite drivers.

Similar to a regular Friday night, this event will be weather permitting and will have a May 29th rain date.

Drivers will be permitted to sell T shirts, have autograph photos, and other giveaways for fans.

The event will close between 8:30-9:00 based on fan participation.

Donations will be taken and split between Northern Lebanon Fire Emergency Service and Ono United Methodist Church. NL Fire Emergency Service is a join effort of our local fire companies that have always been gracious with their dedication to Linda ‘s Speedway and our community. Ono UMC has provided free meals and masks to our community through this difficult time.

A Best in show award will be presented at the end of the night as voted on by the fans.

This event will be a crossover event with Little Linda’s Speedway. LLS is the youth racing organization based at Linda’s Speedway.

Please note that cars will pass over the speedway surface and may get dirty in the process.

Race cars on display are not limited to Linda’s Speedway. Any driver interested is asked to contact the speedway to reserve a spot.

As drivers commit to the event, we will post information on our Facebook Page as well as Twitter and Instagram.

CDC guidelines will be followed. Masks and gloves will be required for those not in the viewing line. Cars on display will be placed 6 ft apart.

For information you can call the speedway hotline at 717-865-5330 or email

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