One Way Device Mandatory

A reminder to drivers, that compete or plan to compete at Linda’s Speedway, that the speedway now requires a one-way

device to be worn.

The one way radio is used as a safety feature, to timely line up cars, and provide direct communication to the drivers.

Random checks will be done throughout the remainder of the season at Linda’s Speedway to assure drivers have the device. The speedway will utilize the stock channel 454.000 that comes stock on the device.

Innovative Spectator Products (ISP), makers of RACEceiver, was founded based on the concept of making a smaller, more user-friendly radio scanner for NASCAR fans. Over the next 3 years, the Company and the product progressed and have changed the industry completely. Today, RACEceiver radios have revolutionized the racing industry, making it a safer sport for both racers and officials alike. It saves time by allowing officials to talk to all the drivers at the same time and lets you get on to more racing. The officials can warn drivers about accidents or debris on the track.

Although the speedway recommends RACEceiver you may purchase any compatible device.

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