600 Micro Sprint Rule Changes

Starting July 5 at Linda’s Speedway there will be a maximum front bumper length for the wingless 600 Micro Sprints. The maximum length will be 8 inches from the front of the chassis.

Front bumpers have been made longer to protect the front wing when racing winged, but the bumpers remain on for wingless competition and could be a danger to other drivers.

Also beginning on July 5, there will be no panel allowed behind the driver larger than 5 inches and can span from one side of the chassis to the other. This is eliminating the use of the “Swindell Panel”.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the speedway by phone 717-865-5330 or Michael Batz directly by email at Mike@LindasSpeedway.com.

Please take note that this is a Linda’s Speedway implemented rules and does not reflect the views of the US6a.