600 Micro Sprints get Hyper

Hyper Racing has joined Linda’s Speedway as a sponsor for the 600 Micro Sprint division. In 1993 Mike Dicely designed a race car. His chassis design was based on racing experience combined with the laws of motion and physics. Soon Mike and Christy Dicely incorporated Hyper Racing and began production of the first chassis. This year marks 20 years and the 900th chassis since the prototype and Hyper Racing isn’t lifting. Hyper Racing swept the top three spots in the 2018 Linda’s Speedway National Open. Hyper’s name also crossed both championship cars in the 600 Micro Sprint division in 2018. “We have such a long history with Mike, Christy, and their family that it feels good to have them back as part of Linda’s Speedway,” says Linda Batz. Hyper Racing is also the title sponsor of the 2019 600 Micro Sprint Speedweek to be run July 31-Aug 4.

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