Slingshot Chase to the Championship

The 2019 Chase to the Championship for the Slingshots in ready to begin. Early season rain has pushed back the start of the Chase, which will now kick off on April 26th along with the North East tour series for the Slingshots.

The Chase format will remain the same as 2018. Win and you are into the chase! Last year Dave Carraghan was able to lock down five victories on his way into the Chase. The eventual champion also gained five bonus points toward his chase point total with each win.

Behind the drivers that win to lock into the chase will be four drivers that advance based on their 2019 point position after the final race on August 9 before the chase begins.

Drivers are lined up by regular season points once the Chase begins. Bonus points are assessed to each driver that had a victory and the race to the Chase is on!

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