Nunzi and Bard in National Open tune up; Miller Title Winner


In the final race for the Fredericksburg Eagle Hotel 270 Micro Sprints, before the National Open, it was Nunzi Allegrucci setting himself up with the momentum heading into next week. Allegrucci took over the top spot in the early laps from leader Scott Gingrich. Once in front, Allegrucci pulled away. Then he got into lap traffic allowing Josh Stoyer and Gingrich to close in on the leader. A timely yellow flag gave Allegrucci open race track once again. The shrank again in the closing laps as Stoyer drove to the tail tank of the leader before Allegrucci made a bold move in lap traffic to seal the win. Stoyer finished second ahead of Gingrich, Jason Swavely, and Lee Reinhardt. 20th place starter Austin Graby was sixth. Anthony Yerger recovered from a yellow flag to finish seventh followed by Billy Murphy, Jasen Klinger, Matt Frick. 270 Micro Sprint heat races went to Mike Boyer, Scott Gingrich, and Nunzi Allegrucci. Brad Brown won the consolation race. Garrett Bard is the defending National Open winner and he showed why Friday night. Bard led a majority of the race while Hayden Miller charged through the field. Miller got to Bard with the aid of lap traffic and took the lead momentarily on the final lap before Bard drove back by to take the checkered flag. Miller was second. Tommy Kunsman, Jesse Maurer, and BJ Antonio were the top five finishers. With Miller's second place finish he clinched his second Linda's Speedway championship in the 600 Micro Sprints by just five points over Kunsman. Jarid Kunkle finished sixth trailed by Steve Whary, Nash Ely, Tyler Walton, and Kyle Spence. 600 Micro Sprint heat wins were taken by Tommy Kunsman, Steve Whary, Jarid Kunkle, with Tanner Hunsicker winning the consolation. Troy Hostetter capped off his Charger championship season by winning the final stock car race of 2018 at the track in the Charger Challenge race. Hostetter won his heat race to earn the pole for the feature and led every lap on his way to the win. A feverish battle for second settled in the hands of Dennis Christ with Randy Getz, Vinnie Wenrich, and Charles Wengerd rounding out the top five finishers. Cody Klinedinst, James Yons, Chad Martin, Chris McCarr, and Mike Zombro were the top ten finishers. Troy Hostetter and Vinnie Wenrich won 4cyl heats.

Next Friday Linda's Speedway will be back to racing with the 29th annual running of the National Open for the 270 and 600 Micro Sprints. Friday night the 270 Micro Sprints will compete in time trails and qualifiers plus the 20th running of the Hoosier Tire 270 Micro Sprint Race of Champions. The 600 Micro Sprints will compete in time trials and heat races. The Micro Sprints will compete again on Saturday. The 270 Micro Sprints will run heat races and then alphabet mains followed by the 40 lap $3,000 to win National Open. The 600 Micro Sprints will run the alphabet mains and then their 40 lap $3,000 to win National Open. For times, entry forms, or more information visit, visit us on Facebook or Twitter, or call the track hotline at 717-865-5330.

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