Hitzler wins the 50 & Morral 600 Micro Sprint victor; TK & Carraghan Clintch Titles

For the second year in a row Tommy Kunsman left no doubt on championship night for the Fredericksburg Eagle Hotel 270 Micro Sprints. Kunsman took the checkered flag on Friday night to lock down his second track title. Kunsman made the winning pass of early race leader Austin Graby just after halfway. Kunsman held off former National Open winner Pat Bealer and his point race counterpart Mike Boyer for the win. Andrew Dietrich and Nick Skias made up the top five finishers. Austin Graby was sixth followed by Josh Stoyer, Brian Marriott, Brian Heist, and Ken Miller. Heat races for the Fredericksburg Eagle Hotel 270 Micro Sprints went to Pat Bealer, Jason Swavely, Mike Boyer, and Ken Miller. Pete Skias and Mike Rutherford won consolation races. Kameron Morral bolted from his third starting spot into the race lead of the Hoosier Tire Winged 600 Micro Sprint feature Friday night. Morral's machine began smoking soon after and continued to do so the remainder of the event. Morral received constant pressure from Kyle Spence as the two drove through lap traffic in the non stop feature event. Spence finished second with Tim Buckwalter, Kenny Miller III, and Tommy Kunsman rounding out the top five. Dan Souder, Garrett Bard, Nash Ely, Hayden Miller, and Brian Carber were the top ten finishers. Winged 600 Micro Sprint heat race winners were Tim Buckwalter, Kameron Morral, Kenny Miller III, and Kyle Spence. PJ Williams and Randy Kunkle won 600 Micro Sprint consolations. At the end of the Modified 50 Xcel chassis tour race it was a similar scene to a Friday night race at Linda's Speedway. Richie Hitzler was on the front stretch to celebrate the victory. Hitzler took the race lead from Sam Scicchitano before Scicchitano lost a right rear tire causing him to retire from the event. Korey Inglin moved into second, but never was able to make the move by Hitzler. DJ Hunt rounded out the podium finishers. Matt Warner and Joe Plunkett both has great runs finishing in the top five. Gabby Meixell, Mason Peters, Kenny Harris, Jason Mills, and Shawna Schibilia made up the rest of the top ten after the 50 laps. The Modified heat race wins were taken by Dylan McCrone, Sam Scicchitano, Jeromy Guistwite, and Hunter Diehl. Ray Gradwell won the consolation. Dylan McCrone was the quick timer in time trials. In the final race in the chase to the championship for the Slingshots Dylan Hoch dominated the feature event. Hoch's lead, at one point, was half of the race track. The battle for the championship was decided as quickly. Point leader Brett Bieber was spun on the opening lap of the feature. Dave Carraghan and Justin Thompson traded spots on the race track while exchanging the point lead. Carraghan looked to have the race in hand, but a late race yellow gave a resurgent Bieber a chance on the final lap. Carraghan held off the challenges of Bieber to clinch the championship with a second place finish. Bieber was third followed by Austin Daniels and Justin Thompson. Taylor Schoenly finished in sixth with Blaire Schoenly, Tim Roeder, Bill Birchall, and Carter Weiant rounding out the top ten. Slingshot heat race checkered flags went to Brett Bieber and Dave Carraghan.  

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