Brehm Parks It; TVD Writes History



In the first race in the history of the restricted 600 Micro Sprints it was Tanner VanDoren leading all the laps in the 15 lap feature over Ryan Conrad and Tyler Henry. The classes first race showcased the young drivers that range from ages 10 to 16. They are running a 600 Micro Sprint with a restrictor to lower speeds. Vandoren was the heat race winner as well.

In another instant classic for the Fredericksburg Eagle Hotel 270 Micro Sprints Mike Boyer and Tommy Kunsman settled the 25 lap feature in the closing stages through lap traffic. Boyer held the top spot until Kunsman was able to wrestle it away on lap 21. Boyer’s attempts to take the first spot back fell short. TK crossed the line first followed by Boyer, Devin Harron, Austin Graby, and Brandon Firestine.

Brandon Gibble beat Brian Sholley, Matt Fernsler, Ken Miller, and Morgan Rochelle to the line for sixth through tenth.

Mike Boyer and Austin Graby won the heat races for the 270 Micro Sprints.

If it could go wrong it did for Tyler Brehm over the last two seasons in the Hooiser Tire 600 Micro Sprints. Brehm took over driving duties for an injured Steve Recchione and since has been a front runner. Bad luck has kept him from finishing the deal. Until Friday night when he finally broke through leading every lap of the feature event. Mike Thompson held off Jacob Severn, Ryan Groff, and Tommy Kunsman in a great battle for second spot.

The rest of the top ten spots went to Austin Quick, Kenny Miller, Nash Ely, Dakota Barlet, and Jesse Maurer.

Tyler Brehm and Dakota Barlet won heat races of the 600 Micro Sprints.

Kenny Harris and Richie Hitzler have battle at the front of the Modified feature events all season at Linda’s Speedway. Harris finally got the upper hand on Friday night over the 9 car and Hitzler. Harris led each lap of the feature under the watchful eye of Hitzler from second spot. Harris crossed the finish line ahead of Hitzler and last weeks winner Sam Scicchitano. Rj Smith and Robert Martin rounded out the top five.

Mike McClaughlin crossed the line in sixth with Ray Gradwell, Madyson Pacheco, Cory Ledford, and Tiffany Hitzler in chase.

Kenny Harris and Ty Hoke won the heat races for the Modifieds.

In the first race of the season for the Slingshots in which the points handicapping system was enforced the results were the same. The journey was much different. Chuck Whary led early in the 20 lap feature race before giving up the top spot to Brett Bieber on lap seven. Bieber showed the way until his car slowed on lap 14 to bring out the caution flag. Reese Nowotarski inherited the race lead. Nowotarski would only lead for one corner before Dave Carraghan took over the top spot for good. The checkered flag was Carraghan’s fourth win of the season in four races. Nowotarski was second followed by Whary, Justin Thompson, and Dylan Hoch.

Ronnie Spitler finished in sixth followed by Anthony Raisner, Brett Spitler, Tayllor Schoenly, and Blaire Schoenly.

Brett Spitler and Chuck Whary won the heat races.

Chucky Kimmel led the first four laps of Friday nights night cap for the Chargers. Kimmel gave up the top spot to his teammate Ed Hollenbach. Once Hollenbach was out front he never relinquished the first spot again. Hollenbach held off Dale Kreiser for the checkered flag. Both drivers have experienced many victories in various four cylinder classes at the speedway through the years. Troy Hostetter rounded out the podium in front of Josh Demmy and Kimmel.

Josh Michael was sixth followed by Darrel Wagner, Devon Klawitter, Justin Riegel, and John Snavely.

Chucky Kimmel and Chris Cunnane won heat races for the Chargers.

Next Friday night, June 8, Linda’s Speedway is back in action with the 270 and Winged 600 Micro Sprints, Modifieds, and the Central Pa Legend cars. The 270 Micro Sprints will be competing in the Roadrunner Race Fuel Time Trial Series.

Gates open at 5 with practice at 7. More information on this event and upcoming events at Linda’s Speedway and Little Linda’s Speedway can be found on, Facebook, Twitter, or by calling the speedway hotline at (717) 865-5330.