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Josko goes last to first to win Dad's Memorial Race

Some Hollywood moguls will work years to come up with a plot as good as the one that develop during the Joe Josko memorial 50 lap race for the Modifieds on Friday night at Linda's Speedway. The sentimental favorite Jon Josko was caught up in the first yellow flag of the race and it looked like he was out of contention. He began to work his way back toward the front of the field while Race leader Brian Carber showed the way. Carber spent most of the event at the front of the field even though there were numerous challenges from other drivers. Carber actually gave up the lead twice during the event. Once was to Aaron Bowes on a lap 28 restart. Bowes let the field for the next 15 laps before caution flag game Carber another opportunity. Carber moved back to the front of the field for the next five laps before Hitzler was able to overtake Carber. Josko has climbed back from the early Race spin and was now running third to the leaders. As Carber dove to the inside of Hitzler his car broke bringing out the yellow flag. As the field slowed down the backstretch under the yellow, Hitzler's car darted to the infield and he quickly climbed out with an overheating problem. With the top two out Josko inherited the lead. Josko made a very interesting decision to start on the inside row of the double file restart. It seemed like a gift to Aaron Bowes who would start to his outside. Josko made everyone believe in his decision when he was able to pull into the top spot on the restart and stay there for good. In Victory Lane Josco admitted that it was emotional when he realized he was in the race lead he was tired and was just trying to hold on for the win. Josko claimed the 50 lap win with many extra bonuses presented by supporters of the series and the Josko family. Jon Pepe and Dj Hunt ran inside the top 10 for most of the race and were able to grab podium finishes when everything was said and done. Bowes and Josh Pepe rounded out the top five. Kyle Inglin, Dakota Kohler, Brice Higgs, Justin Schraden, and Cody Manmiller finished out the top ten. Heat race victories went to Nate Brinker, Brian Carber, Michael Burrows, and Josh Pepe. Consolation events were taken by Jon Pepe and Brian Blankenbiller.

The speedway would like to thank the Josko family, Xcel Modified Series, as well as the drivers, crews, and fans for allowing us to host this event for Joe Josko.

Matt Donely benefited from a redraw that put him on the front row for the Gutshall's automotive 125 micro sprint feature event. Donely show the way for the first 15 laps of the race in a tight battle with fourth place starting Austin Graby. As the two leaders began to approach a lot of traffic they continued to close up when Graby made his move. As Graby shot to the inside of the track he tagged Donely and both leaders got out of shape. Graby recovered first and had the race lead. It looked like it was going to be a victory for the race leader once things settle down as he had pulled away before third place running Scott Renninger blew up with one lap to go. This gave Donely one more shot, but Graby would hold on for his first Linda's Speedway Win. Donely finished second followed by Kyler Heiney, Rich Stuck, and Scott Renninger. Nate Gibble, Brandon Stuck, Kalani Adams made up the rest of the finishing field. Heat race wins went to Renninger and Graby.

Tommy Kunsman has enjoyed success without a wing on his Hoosier Tire 600 Micro Sprint. In fact Kunsman is the defending wingless 600 micro sprint champion. Friday night Kunsman would roll off from the pole of the Steve Buch memorial race. He was quickly challenged for the lead by Brad Brown and Tim Buckwalter. As the race progressed seventh place starter Tyler Walton would begin to work his way into the fray. Kunsman tried to slide by two laps car and they went side by side in front of him on lap nine. Kunsman's car was all but on his side, but somehow he kept the car going and remained the race leader. Walton began to put a lot of pressure on the leader as they again began to catch the tail of the field. Just as Walton looked to make his move the caution flag was unfurled. The lap 21 yellowed flag aided the 21 car with open race track. Walton made a very strong bid for the lead on the last lap hoping for his second Steve Buch Memorial win in a row. Kunsman held onto the win by .15 seconds. Brown, Aaron Bollinger, and Christian Reed made up the top five finishers. Kameron Morral bested 17th place starter Ken Murray in the race for sixth. Murray finished seventh ahead of Jim Radney, Bj Antonio, and Brooklyn Gable. Heat races for the 600 Micro Sprints were won by Carber, Buckwalter, and Steve Whary.

The front row of Friday nights 270 Micro Sprint Steve Buch Memorial feature event was stacked. How so? The champions in both the 270 year long series from 2016 as well as the time trial series champion were there. Ross Perchak was dominate all night, but quickly found a worthy adversary in Devin Harron in the opening lapse of the 25 lap feature event. Harron's car would roll slowly to the outside of the Race Track during one of the early race yellow flags with a flat tire. Harron would return to the race but his chance at victory was gone. Perchak was stout on restarts leaving second place Josh Stoyer to fend of the rest of the field. During a long mid-race run, Perchak, would put over half of the field a lap down showing his dominance. A yellow flag would fall on lap 20 to bring the field back to Perchak's tail. Neither Stoyer not Scott Gingrich could challenged Perchak as he took his 38th career Linda's Speedway victory. The win moved Perchak into sole possession of the fourth spot on the all time 270 Micro Sprint win list. Stoyer, Gingrich, Tommy Kunsman, and Ken Miller crossed the line as the top five finishers. Mike Boyer finished in sixth just ahead of 20 place starter Logan Diehl. Dan Lane, Brad Brown, and Morgan Rochelle were the top ten. Perchak, Stoyer, and Gingrich were the heat race winners for the 270 Micro Sprints while Dylan Adams won the Bmain. The event served as the opening event for the Jersey Joe's Boardwalk Cafe 270 Micro Sprint points chase as well as the first race in the Titan Wings Time Trial Series fueled by Roadrunner Race Fuels.

Next week marks the first Action Track Takeover night at the speedway. The Speestrs will make their first start of 2017 along with the 270 Micro Sprints, Wingless 600 Micro Sprints, and Slingshots. Gates open at 5 and racing will begin at 7. For more information on the upcoming events you can visit Information on this weeks event can be found at as well. You can also call the speedway hotline at 717-865-5330. As always we can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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