Lebanon Valley 100 cut to 50 Laps

After communication with Speedway Entertainment and the racers Linda’s Speedway will reduce the Lebanon Valley 100 to 50 laps. The race was run over 50 laps for much of its early history.

Slingshot 50 Race Procedure

Heat Races lined up according to pill draw with passing points in effect.

Top 30 in passing points from Heat Races advance to 2 Qualifying Races (15 cars each) with an eight-car inversion in effect for each Qualifying Race. Thus, high point driver from Heat Races will start eighth in the First Qualifier and so on.

Passing points in Qualifying Races as well.

Top 8 in combined passing points from Heats & Qualifiers plus Friday winner advance to Saturday night's A Main Dash. Those that finish 9th to 24th in combined passing will move to the 50 lap feature based on passing points.

A Tour point provisional and a Linda’s Speedway point provisional well be used if necessary.

The dash race will line up the first 8-9 spots.

Feature will run 50 laps. Yellow flag laps will count until lap 25. No more than three laps will be counted on any given caution flag period. There will be no scheduled pit stop. Drivers can make pit stops during the race in the pit area and return to the track (Flat tires, crash damage, ect).

Double File restarts until the end of the race unless a lap is not completed before the next caution flag. Lap cars will stay in position until five to go.

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