Maurer wins 600 Micro Sprint Thriller; Bealer Hall of Fame Classic Winner


Although Pat Bealer has run strong at Linda's Speedway on the big stage at the National Open, Friday night's Titan Wings Time Trial event marked the first time he had a chance to win a regular season race. Bealer brought the field to the green flag in the 270 Micro Sprint Hall of Fame Classic. Scott Gingrich tried multiple times to go by Bealer on the inside, but his best opportunity came when Bealer got into lap traffic. Gingrich maneuvered through the traffic with Bealer while they pulled away from a battle between Randy West and Ross Perchak for third. The red flag came out on lap 16 when Chris Heagy hit the outside wall. Heagy was okay, but the red flag brought Gingrich and company right back to Bealer's rear bumper. On the restart, Perchak made a move into second, setting up a repeat battle from the 2006 National Open. The difference this time would be that Bealer would not catch and pass Perchak, but hold on for the victory. Gingrich came across the line at third, West was fourth, and Stone Keller rounded out the top five with a strong performance. Ken Miller finished sixth ahead of Tommy Kunsman, Dave Williams, 18th place starter Mike Boyer, and Kyle Weiss. 270 Micro Sprint heat race wins went to Pat Bealer, Scott Gingrich, and Ken Miller. Pat Bealer was the dash winner.

Contingency awards for the 270 Micro Sprints went to Pat Bealer (Rebekah Batz LulaRoe consultant Quick Time), Chris Heagy (Kims Kreations Hard Luck), and Mike Boyer (Amy's Photos Hard Chargers)

Pat Bealer and BJ Antonio were given awards for their heat race wins from the Race Chasing for Fans and Drivers facebook page.

Dustin Stoltzfus ran another impressive race in Friday's Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprint Feature. A yellow flag on lap number four changed the complexion of the championship race when third place, PJ Williams, spun and Tommy Kunsman made contact. Kunsman came into the night as the point leader and retired to the pit area on lap four. Steve Whary started 20th and picked his way to the front hoping to take advantage of Kunsman's misfortune. While the point race played out, so did a race long plan for Jesse Maurer. Maurer ran the inside line of the racetrack the whole feature. He went by BJ Antonio on lap 18 to take the second spot. When the caution flag flew on lap 21, it put Maurer on the tail of the race leader. Stoltzfus continued to run the outside line while Maurer plugged away on the bottom. Maurer pulled even on lap 24 and edged ahead for the race lead before Stoltzfus made one last charge on the top. Maurer got the run he needed coming to the checkered flag to beat Stoltzfus by 0.046 seconds. Eric Heydenreich also ran on the inside line, charged onto the podium at the end of the race. Antonio was fourth followed by Whary. Kenny Harris, Kenny Miller, Devin Gundrum, Tyler Brehm, and Zack Bealer finished out the top ten. BJ Antonio and Austin Bishop were heat race winners for the Wingless 600 Micro Sprints

Ed Hollenbach has had a tough year trying to get his car to the front each week. He has climbed out of his car a few times this year to give his car to Troy Hostetter as Hostetter chases a championship. Hollenbach was behind the wheel all night tonight and led the field to the green flag in the Charger feature event. Hollenbach never relinquished the race lead although he was pressured for much of the race. Shjon Dove drove into second on lap six and spent the next nine laps trying to work by Hollenbach with his best chance coming off turn four for the checkered flag when Hollenbach slide a little higher than he planned. Dove dove to the inside along with the race leaders brother, Eric, to make it a three wide race to the checkered flag. Ed Hollenbach held on by half of a car length to take his first win of the season over Dove and Eric Hollenbach. Charles Wengard came from 13th to finish in fourth followed by Chris Smith. Josh Demmy, John Snavely, Chris Cunnane, Troy Hostetter, and Austin Brown closed out the top ten finishers. Charger Heat races were won by Ed Hollenbach and Eric Hollenbach.

There were a pair of 35's at the front of the Slingshot feature presented by Seidel Hyundai. Anthony Raisner took the race lead away from early leader Brett Bieber on lap two. Bieber took adgantage of the double file restart on lap five to move back into the top spot. Soon, Raisner's teammate, Dylan Hoch, came into the picture and battled for the race lead. Hoch passed Bieber on lap nine for the race lead and drove to his fifth win of the year. Bieber finished second, Sam Scicchitano, Raisner, and Dawson Landis were the top five finishers. Teammates, Mike Glass and AJ Gerhart, finished in front of Scott Gray, Alex Yankowski, and Nick Vinciguerra. Slingshot heat race checkered flags went to Anthony Raisner and Brett Bieber.

Chad Earnst is the current point leader as Susquehanna Speedway, but had to make major changes to get ready for the 1/4 mile at Linda's Speedway. Earnst jumped into the race lead early and showed the way at halfway while the battle for second became more intense. Travis McClelland took over the runner up spot with a big move on lap 10 as the top five shuffled. Now, in second, McClelland spent the rest of the race hounding Earnst for the top spot. In the final corner, McClelland pulled to the inside, but Earnst won the drag race to the finish line. McClelland settled for second ahead of Chris McKinney, Bill Diehl, and Tony Markovich. It was the final appearance of the year for the Central Pennsylvania Legends. Central PA Legend Car heat races were won by Chris McKinney and Chad Earnst.

Next Friday Linda's Speedway will pay tribute to Newt Hartman with an Action Track Takeover night featuring the Speedstrs, 270 & Wingless 600 Micro Sprints and the Slingshots. Gates open at 5 with hot laps at 7. Adult admission to the grandstands will be $12. Pit passes will be $25. For more information, you can visit, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also call the track at (717) 865-5330.

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