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Demmy & Cunnane make First Entries for Charger Championship Race

Josh Demmy of Lebanon and Chris Cunnane of Ottsville are the first two entries for this year's Charger Championship race paying $500 to the winner of the biggest 4cyl stock car race of the year at Linda's Speedway.

Demmy comes in as one of the youngest competitors in the field. Demmy is in his sophomore season at the age of 23. Demmy has five top ten finishes this season to accompany two heat race wins.

Cunnane on the other hand is the eldest driver in the field at 71. Cunnane has two heat race victories this season as well as two career Charger victories. Both came in the month of October.

This year's Charger Championship race will run Saturday October 1st. The race will run with the Slingshot "Lebanon Valley 100" and the Xcel 600 Modified Tour. Gates open at 3 and racing will start at 5:45 on Saturday night. Charger drivers will have an opportunity to practice the night before the Charger Championship.

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