Karl Miller Tribute race to Ginther; Dove first time Charger Winner

Friday night the 270 Micro Sprints competed in the Karl Miller Tribute race presented by Be Gold and Tan of Palmyra and Harrisburg. Lyle Stroman brought the field to the green flag before Dave Williams grabbed the race lead. Williams's time at the front was short lived as Collin Ginther charged into the top spot in search of his first Linda's Speedway victory. Josh Stoyer quickly became Ginther's biggest challenger while Scott Gingrich slowly joined the race for the win as well. A late race yellow on lap 21 gave Stoyer another shot to take the race lead away. Ginther's start was a good one, but Stoyer and Gingrich pulled away with good starts to and stayed right with the leader. Stoyer pulled to the inside coming to the checkered flag. Ginther was too strong on the outside and saw the flag first. Ginther's first win came over Stoyer , Gingrich, Kyle Weiss, and Dave Williams. Devin Adams was sixth in the feature followed by Tommy Kunsman, Greg Robinson, Ken Miller, and Dylan Adams. 26 270 Micro Sprints signed in for racing Friday night with heat wins going to Devin Harron, Josh Stoyer, and Mike Rutherford. Tommy Kunsman won the 600 Micro Sprint consolation.

A nonstop Seidel Hyundai Slingshot Speedweek feature saw Chris Kurtz grab his first Linda's Speedway checkered flag. Kurtz got out front early from his first starting position and dominated the event until he got into lap traffic nearing the end of the race. Dylan Hoch closed in on the race lead from second, but Kurtz was always able to keep at least one lap car between himself and the second place car the whole race. Kurtz grabbed the win over Hoch, Sam Scicchitano, Seth Spayd, and Mike Glass. Brett Bieber raced to a sixth place followed by Henry Anderson, Scott Gray, Joe Toth, and Austin Silfee. The Slingshots used a duel heat race format Friday for the Speedweek kickoff event and heat wins went to Henry Anders, Chris Kurtz, Mike Glass, and Sam Scicchitano.

The Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprint drivers never have it easy, but Austin Bishop was on cruise control for the first 14 laps of the feature event Friday night. Bishop led the way and after an early race battled for the top spot he went unchallenged. A slew of yellow flags in the middle of the race made Bishop early the victory though. Bishop was challenged by Kenny Miller for much of the race and at times by Jesse Maurer, but never gave up the top spot on his way to his first wingless win of the season. Miller raced to second holding off current point leader Tommy Kunsman. Ben McGowen raced into the top five late in the event followed by Mick D'Agastino. Bruce Ginther returned after almost two months away from racing to finish in sixth. BJ Antonio, Pj Williams, and consolationed qualifers Dustin Stoltzfus and Ron Lewis rounded out the top ten finishers. Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprint heat race winners were Austin Bishop, Tyler Brehm, and Mick D'Agostino.

The sea's parted early in the Charger feature race for Shjon Dove as he raced to the front of the field. Dove was soon on the rear bumper of race leader Chris Cunnane. Cunnane led the early portion of the feature event before he slide high in turn one and Dove was able to slip by on the inside into the race lead on lap eight. As Cunnane attempted to cross Dove over to make a pass on the inside the car started to spin and Cunnane hit an infield tire ending his bid for the win. On the restart, Dove had to worry about the point leader Josh Michael and a hard charging Charles Wengard. Dove drove a solid seven laps as he took his first Linda's Speedway checkered flag. Dove, Michael, Wengard, and former champions Chris Smith and Eric Hollenbach rounded out the top five finishers. Bryan Michael was sixth in the nights final feature followed by Josh Demmy, Troy Hostetter, Austin Brown, and Paul Lambert. The Chargers had a strong field of 18 cars with heat race wins going to Charles Kimmel Jr, Paul Lambert, Chris Cunnane.

Justin Harrington admitted in victory lane that sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. After struggling in his Gutshall's Automotive 125 Micro Sprint heat race Harrington decided to make whole sail changes on his machine and was surprised to see the biggest inversion number was drawn to put him on the front row of the feature. Harrington wasted little time taking the top spot and he drove away from the rest of the field. The battle everyone was watching was for the second spot as Austin Graby, Kalani Adams, and Zach Hollinger waged a three car race for the spot. Graby, after falling to fourth, roared back to second in the closing laps and settled in there followed by Adams, Hollinger, and Jas Hehnly. Chase Gutshall made a fantastic comeback after breaking in his heat race to come from last starting spot to finish sixth. Devin Adams, Matt Donely, Scott Renninger, and Nate Gibble rounded out the top ten finishers. Two heats for the Gutshall's Automotive 125 Micro Sprints were won by Zack Hollinger and Jas Hehnly.

Linda's Speedway returns to action next Friday night with the 270 Micro Sprints, the Winged 600 Micro Sprints, Chargers, and the Modifieds return. Gates open at 5:30 and racing will begin at 7. ARDC Midget teams are invited to use spare time in the nights schedule to get laps on the track before the August 19th Midget week finale. Joining the Midgets on the 19th will be the 270 Micro Sprints, Wingless 600 Micro Sprints, and Modifieds.

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