Perchak pockets Freedom 30

The 270 Micro Sprint feature event was set to come onto the racetrack when a rainstorm hit. With a lot of rain predicted to be coming the speedway felt that it was unfair to hold the drivers in the pit area for the time it would have taken to rework the track. Unfortunately, the event could not be run and will be made up at a later date in the season. Ross Perchak set Mike Co quick time for the fourth time this season. Perchak and Brandon Firestine were the heat race winners for the 20 car field.

Ross Perchak's winning way continued at the start of the night on July 22nd as he picked up his fourth time trial feature victory of the season in the July 1st make up feature race. Perchak led the whole race with Quinn Roberts pressuring him for some of it. Perchak had a scary moment when he made contact with a lap car. Roberts was not close enough to make the pass for the lead, but did close in on Perchak. Brandon Firestine also joined the race for the lead with a few laps to go. Perchak passed the line .554 second ahead of Roberts in the end. Firestine finished out the podium runners with Josh Stoyer and Scott Gingrich completing the top five. Collin Ginther, Nunzi Allegrucci, Tommy Kunsman, Kyle Weiss, and Brad Brown were the top ten finishers. Points are accumulated for these time trial events. The driver with the most points will get a wing from Titan Wings of Jonestown.

Brad Brown was the Amy's Photos Hard Chargers and Lyle Stroman will receive the Kim's Kreations Hard Luck Award. Ross Perchak was the Mike Co fast timer on July 1st.

This coming Friday night, July 8th (7/8), the speedway will pay tribute to one of its most loyal car owners over the past two decades and a close friend of the track. Karl Miller passed away earlier this year due to an illness and the speedway will honor him this Friday. Miller owned the 270 Micro Sprints driven by his sons Greg and Wade Miller. The Miller’s began competing at the speedway in the early 90’s. Both Greg and Wade have been feature winners at Linda’s Speedway. This Friday marks a special date because it is July 8th or 7/8. Wade ran the number 78 while Greg, who has competed at Linda’s Speedway this year carries the number 77. This is the closest Friday to the 7/7 date as well.

The 270 Micro Sprints, winged 600 Micro Sprints, Modifieds, and Chargers will be in action. Gates open at 5:30 followed by hot laps at 7. For more information, you can visit, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also phone the speedway hotline at (717) 865-5330.

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