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King of the Wing update

The King of the Wing format will be changing to a format more similar to the normal time trial set up used by the speedway. “We wanted to try something new, but it was not well received. We based the idea off of the “King’s Royal” layout but after feedback from a the teams we are going to go back to something a little closer to what we do on a regular time trail show,” says Mike Batz.

Some other exciting news for this week’s race for the 270 Micro Sprints is that it will begin a six race mini-series in which the driver with the most points will receive a Titan Wing from Jesse Snyder and Titan Wings of Jonestown. Other sponsors for the time trial series include Mike Co, Amy’s Photos, Kim’s Kreations,, and the Jesus Race Team.

The race format is listed below for this event.

Race Format 28-36 Cars

2 Laps of Group Time Trials ~ 4 Heats ~ 5 Qualify

Hot Laps- One session per car. If you are early in time trials we will not wait for you if you go out late in Hot Laps.

Time Trials- 2 Laps- You must go over the scale before you enter the staging area. Please be ready to go onto the track. You will come onto the race track and immediately start your time trial warm up lap. Because it is a group session, there might be yellow flags so make sure you have enough fuel. The penalty for a missed position will be one lap at the end. If you enter the speedway but do not get a green flag lap you get one lap at the end.

Heat Races- 8 Laps- Heat races will be inverted from time trials. Heat race line up inversion will be 16. The top two finishers from each heat race will go to the dash. Those that qualify but are not dash eligible will line up based on heat race finish for the feature line up.

Dash- 6 Laps- The dash is lined up by time trials. The dash finish will set the starters for the feature. Everyone must scale after the dash unless noted otherwise. The two fastest drivers from time trials that qualify for the feature but are not already in the dash will start 9-10.

Right to the A- The two fastest drivers from time trials not yet locked into the A-main will forego the B-main and start 21-22.

B-Main- 8 Laps- The top two finishers from the B-Main will gain the final spots in the nights feature race. The B-main will line up based on heat race finish.

Feature Event- 25 Laps – Line up on the front stretch in order of starting spot or as close as possible for easy line up. *Four wide salute* Odd Rows (1-3-5-7-9-11) stay together and even rows (2-4-6-8-10-12) split (ex starters 3-1-2-4). Work area in the staging area. When one to go is given the track closes. Alternate will be used if a driver is in the work area when one to go is given on the initial green.

Contingency Awards-

Fast Time: Mike Co Hard Charger: Amy’s Photos Dash: Rock Auto

Kim’s Kreations Jesus Race Team Championship Sponsor: Titan Wings

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