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Perchak Open Time Trial Season with Win

Ross Perchak spent most of the 2015 National Open as the driver to beat. He looked as strong Friday night as the 270 Micro Sprints competed in their first time trial point's race in recent memory. Perchak was the night's quick timer and finished second in his heat race. He then won the dash and locked in the top starting spot for the 25 lap feature event. With Perchak starting from the pole the feature finished looked to be locked up. Jacob Hendershot had other ideas as he worked his way to the front during a long green flag run in the middle of the race. Hendershot was almost on Perchak rear bumped as Perchak maneuvered through lap traffic when Hendershot's car darted toward the infield and his race came to an end with engine issues. Perchak had to withstand a lap 18 yellow flag and pressure from then runner-up Jesse Maurer on his way to his 34th career Linda's Speedway victory. Devin Harron snuck by Maurer for second. Maurer came home third followed by Brandon Edgar and Josh Stoyer. Stone Keller started 16th in the feature and drove to a sixth place finish just in front of Collin Ginther, Mike Rutherford, Mike Skias, and Scott Gingrich. Heat races for the 34 car field were won by Harron, Edgar, Ginther, and Pat Bealer. Consolation races went to Mike Skias and Quinn Roberts.

Next week marks the first ever Starrcade event at Linda's Speedway. The stars from all the small car divisions will be on display at some point throughout the two day extravaganza. Thursday April 21st will be Action Track take over night featuring the All Pro Speedstrs, Wingless 600 Micro Sprints, Slingshots, and Chargers. Friday night the ARDC Midgets make an anticipated return to the speedway and will be joined by the 270 Micro Sprints and Modifieds. Gates will open at five on both days. Hot laps will start at 6:45 on Thursday with Racing at 7:15. On Friday hot laps will be at their normal time of 7 with racing at 7:30. Admission prices, schedule of events, and more information can be found on Linda's Speedways various social media sites or on You can also call the speedway hotline at (717) 865-5330.

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