Perchak Sets Record; Carber Wins Wingless


JONESTOWN, PA – Excluding five laps, Ross Perchak was the dominant force all weekend long at Linda’s Speedway. The Hazleton PA based racer led every other circuit during the 270 Micro Spri

nt National Open and captured his fifth career triumph in the 40-lap classic on Saturday.

Meanwhile Brian Carber of Pipersville PA executed the exact same accomplishment in the first ever Wingless 600 Micro Sprint National Open. Except, Carber left nothing on the table. He was quick timer, heat race winner and led all 40-laps of the A-Main.

“It’s a pretty good accomplishment” stated Perchak after his impressive victory. Perchak inherited the lead when Pete Skias broke after five laps. “Pete had the bottom line. I spun the tires on the initial start and I thought we would be racing for second. Everybody is fast. This whole field is stacked and it’s a huge accomplishment to win this”.

Friday’s winner Skias nosed out in front from his second starting spot followed by Perchak, 2015 champion Bradley Brown, Toby Blumenshine and Mike Rutherford. When the event’s first caution was displayed with five laps in the books, Skias’ Viper-3 rolled to a stop.

Under green conditions the top order of Perchak, Brown, Bloomenshine and Rutherford remained unchanged until impressive first year driver Collin Ginther made a bold outside pass on Rutherford for fourth. A caution with fifteen laps complete regrouped the field and Rutherford immediately passed Ginther for fourth. Blumenshine, the Lanco Speedway Sportsman champion, darted to the inside of Brown to take possession of second. A mandatory fuel stop took place at the half-way juncture of the contest.

Perchak continued to set the pace while Blumenshine and Brown put on a thrilling war for the runner-up spot. This battle would eventually come to a halt when Brown dropped out of the event on lap 33. Cautions became plentiful in the event’s closing moments and Perchak would withstand every restart, including one on the final lap.

Blumenshine and Rutherford excited the crowd exchanging slide jobs on the final lap. Rutherford, the former four-time winner of the National Open, wrestled second away from Blumenshine, who was still very happy with a third place finish. Nick Skias survived through a roller coaster weekend as he qualified on the last day to start 25th,. He finished in fourth. Jesse Maurer piloted the Geib 88G to a fifth place finish after running within the front six throughout most of the race.

In the wingless 600 main event, Carber wasted no time in taking the early lead with fourth starting Tommy Kunsman Jr. moving into second followed by outside front row starter Jesse Maurer, defending winner Jay Hartman and Kyle Spence. Despite cautions on laps two and eight, the top five running order remained unchanged and Carber continued to dominate.

A lap 26 restart found Jeff Hartman filling out the front five, dropping Spence to sixth. A couple of cautions took place during the event’s closing stages and the battle remained tight for second through fifth. Carber, however, checked out on each green flag restart.

Carber, the 2011 champion, drove the H & S Motorsports #44H to the $3000 top prize. “Just can’t put this into words” spoke an elated Carber. “That big check looks pretty good. I always enjoy coming back here (to Linda’s Speedway). My brother (Michael) raced here and then when I started here it took a long time to get my first win. To come back here like this, it’s just unbelievable”.

Kunsman was satisfied with a hard earned runner-up finish. “I was trying my best to catch (Carber) but he was pulling away from everyone. He was the car to beat tonight”.

Maurer drove double duty and earned back to back top five finishes for his efforts. Maurer finished in third. Jay Hartman held off his brother Jeff Hartman to take the fourth spot by race’s end.

NIGHTSIDE NOTES: DBY Motorsports sponsored the entire 270 program on Saturday night. DBY’s Steve Dunmire was on hand all weekend driving the DJ Furney #12D offering a fine tribute to DJ who sadly passed away earlier this year...

GW Transport Systems was the title sponsor for the 600s. Team drivers Carber (1st) and 2015 track champion Steve Whary (8th) each earned top ten finishes…

Nick Skias started the weekend in the Ludwig-19L (with 88 wing), the car that earned him the 2015 Wingless 270 championship at Shellhammer’s (PA) Speedway. Plagued with bad luck, the third generation talent strapped back into his #88 on Saturday and gained a top ten finish.

Greg Robinson II, a veteran Micro Sprint driver who also spent time with ARDC, was running well earlier in the weekend until being involved in an accident and injuring his thumb. Robinson raced sparingly on Friday but returned in full force for the National Open. He qualified and finished in sixth…

Ryan Smith was on hand for the weekend driving the Shellly #2R in the 270s and Lamar Schaffer’s #91s in the wingless 600s. He qualified for both shows and finished ninth in the feature. Smith has been racing 410 Sprints and was making a return to his earlier roots…

Weather was cold during the course of the weekend and even brought a surprise shower on Saturday night which delayed the start by about an hour. An action packed card was still completed in good time by evening’s end…

Race Results for 2015 National Open

October 17, 2015

RTS Chassis 270 Sprints

Heat 1- Kyle Weiss, Scott Gingrich, Brian Marriott, Brian Sholley, Devin Adams, Ricky Sechrist

Heat 2- Quinn Roberts, Ken Andreas, Lyle Strohman, Alex Swift, Brandon Hawkins, Chase Gutshall

Heat 3- Mike Boyer, Nick Skias, Steve Dunmire, Jenna Schostkewitz, Dave Williams, Kyle Spence

Heat 4-Pat Bealer, Brandon Heist, Richie Hartman, Todd Reusser, Greg Robinson, Ryan Fredericks

Heat 5-Ryan Smith, Brayden Winters, Mike Skias, Sean McAndrew, Bob Garvey Jr., Alex Schaffer

D Main- Kenny Miller III, Jeff Harnish, Tyler Reinhardt, Cameron Bellinger, Jeff Haefke, Steve Haefke

C Main- Greg Robinson, Devin Adams, Kyle Spence, Bob Garvey Jr., Dave Williams, Kenny Miller III

B Main- Tyler Ulrich, Scott Gingrich, Nick Skias, Brent Shearer, Brandon Heist, Steve Dunmire


1- 4 Ross Perchak, 2-5k Mike Rutherford, 3-21 Toby Blumenshine, 4-88 Nick Skias, 5-88g Jesse Maurer, 6-21m Greg Robinson, 7-11f Brandon Firestone, 8-29 Brandon Heist, 9-12 Brent Shearer, 10-9d Devin Harron, 11-12s Josh Schaffer, 12-25x Dan Lane, 13-44g Collin Ginther, 14-23r Randy West, 15-23 Pat Bealer, 16-12d Steve Dunmire, 17-18 Brian Marriott, 18-20 Sean Stolz, 19-23b Bradley Brown, 20-83 NunziAllegrucci, 21-42u Tyler Ulrich, 22-8 Scott Gingrich, 23-2r Ryan Smith, 24-43 Quinn Roberts, 25- 57 Brandon Edgar, 26- 3 Pete Skias, 27- 5w Kyle Weiss, 28- 41 Mike Boyer, 29- 94d Logan Diehl

30- 28 Jacob Hendershot

Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Sprints

D Main- James Morris, Tatter Kysor, Bruce Ginther Jr., Austin Bishop, Scotty Smith, Bruce Buckwalter

C Main- Bobby Butler, James Morris, Eric Whitby, Justin Whittall, Dan Jones, Sam LaMothe

B Main- Kyle Lick, Luke Thomas, PJ Williams, Bobby Butler, Sam Lamothe, James Morris


1- 44h Brian Carber, 2- 21k Tommy Kunsman, 3- 72 Jesse Maurer, 4- 24 Jay Hartman, 5- 026 Jeff Hartman, 6- 44k Kyle Spence, 7- 71 Tim Buckwalter, 8- 44s Steve Whary, 9- 91 Ryan Smith, 10- 23m Kenny Miller, 11- 5m Ken Murray, 12- 54 Robbie Hocker, 13- 5c Austin Quick, 14- M85 Zach Bealer, 15- 6 Collin White, 16- 33 Chad Sandt, 17- 8w PJ Williams, 18- 8 Kyle Lick, 19- 5b Bobby Butler, 20- 5 Ryan Quakenbush, 21- 55 Sam LaMothe, 22- 28 Bruce Ginther Jr., 23- 97 Luke Thomas, 24- 14 Jason Swavely, 25- 7h Alex Bright, 26- 7 Corry Roth, 27- 55L Jack Conover, 28- 25k Dustin Stoltzfus, 29- 14k Sam Cravitsky, 30- 87 Jim Radney, 31- 14a Mike Austin

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