Saturday October 2nd 2021



80’s and Newer

Suv (6 cylinder or less)

Small Car, 4 or 6 cylinder under 107”

1/2 Ton Trucks and v-8 suv

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Rules PDF Download

All payouts based on 10 in each class

All classes Be prepared to run heats and a feature



1. Any year foreign or domestic mass-produced 2 or 4 door hard top car is permitted

2.All cars must have an identifying number or slogan (aka) displayed on each side and the roof. Yes The numbers must be large enough to be seen from announcer’s booth.

3.STOCK MEANS STOCK!These cars are to be considered STOCK unless specifically mentioned in these rules. No altering, swapping, welding or manipulating parts unless specifically mentioned. Patching and rust repair will be allowed only if cleared by head official.

4.All decisions of the judges are final!

5.No re-stubbing of cars will be allowed. OEM frames, frames parts, and cross members ONLY.



1. ALL unnecessary glass, plastic, chrome moldings and flammable materials must be

removed. No broken windows in doors.

2. The car must be clean and free of loose debris in the driver’s compartment and the trunk.

3. All airbags must be removed. Drain air conditioners and radiators. Rubber hoses must be cut or removed prior to arrival at the track. All trailer/towing hitches must be removed.



1. Bars must be sheet metal to sheet metal. Bars must be single bars, not stacked or doubled.

They must be at least 5” from the center of the fire wall and floor at any point including transmission and driveshaft tunnels. The back bar may not be any further back than the kick panels. Front bar may not contour the body. It must run straight across. All bars MUST be inside the driver’s compartment except roof bar. All cage bars must be a minimum of

2” x 2” x 1/8” and be no bigger than 3” X 3” except side bars. Side bars may be C-channel

up to 6”. Side bars be no more than 60” total. If side bars are used, you MUST have both front and rear cross bars. If side bars are not used, mounting plates not exceeding 1⁄4” X 6” X 6” may be used on the ends of the seat bar and dash bar. A roof bar (halo) may be used. The halo must come off your rear seat bar. Max. 3” X 3” bars or 6” c-channel. IF YOU CAN NOT WELD THEN BOLT!!! The cage and roll over are for drivers safety ONLY may not strengthen the car in any way your battery box or gas tank may attach to sheet metal only. 1 gusset per corner allowed, do not get carried away of you will cut it. No floating plates, 9 wire, chain, etc. can be used between the cage and frame or body

2. ONE windshield bar or chain may be attached from the roof (no more than 3” up the roof) to the cowl area (no more than 3” below) on the front windshield area only to protect the driver. This may not be used as a strengthener or to keep a car from bending.

3. Roof Sign may attach to the halo bar.


4. ORIGINAL GAS TANKS MUST BE REMOVED COMPLETELY Fuel cells or approved marine style tanks are recommended. Tanks must have secure leak-proof fittings.

5. Tanks must be located behind the front seat and must be securely fastened with chains, bolts or both. ZIP SCREWS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. if you choose to use a frame for the purpose of mounting your gas tank, it may either be mounted to the seat bar OR bolted to the floor sheet metal, not both. All gas tank frames/mounts may be no wider than 24” or longer than 32” and MUST BE 4” AWAY FROM ANY SHEET METAL AT ANY POINT. Additionally, gas tank mounts may not be used as a technical advantage on a car.

6. You may run an electric fuel pump, but it must have a kill switch that is clearly marked. Please use fittings or good hose clamps and make sure they are tight.

7. No more than 5 gallons of fuel allowed. Any gas or fuel may be used.



1. A working hydraulic brake system is required. You must exhibit the ability to stop. Anyone

losing their brakes during an event will be disqualified.

2. Steering may be altered from the steering box to the steering wheel.


1. No studded tires. No liquid or concrete filled tires. Any ply rating, foam filled, doubled, etc.

will be allowed. Rubber tires only.

Multi lug wheel centers ok no full weld in

No v tread tires value stem protectors OK if properly welded (official discretion)



1. ALL BODY MOUNTS MUST REMAIN IN STOCK LOCATIONS. Do not add or relocate and body mounts and/or bolts. K-member and subframe mounts will be considered body may replace any (2 )body mounts with with hockey pucks and use a 3”by 3” 1/4 plate top and bottom with the factory size bolt

2. Notching and pre-bending will be allowed. Do not weld notches back together. Do not “enhance” or crease body lines.

3.No post cars will be allowed one 1⁄4” X 4” strap directly on the door seam to the roof it can be welded no more than 3” up the roof line and no more than 3” down the door.

5.a 1/4” thick plate may be used to skin the outside of the driver’s door or inside the car welded from the cage to the rocker.

6.Wedging and lowering of trunk area will not be allowed. Trunk lids may be cut or bent to tuck. Quarter panels must remain vertical and factory height. If you tuck the trunk it must go straight up and down to the trunk pan.

**** 1/2 ton class truck bed sides must remain vertical !!!

7.Do not paint or undercoat frames inside or out. Do not grind or buff frames. If you weld on the frame other than what is specified you will be loaded.

8.No tilting of the frames

1. Hood must have at least a 10” X 10” hole on each side of the air cleaner for fire personnel;

2. All wheel weights must be removed, including on the inside of the wheels.

3. Valve stem guards and variable lug centers (no full centers) will be allowed.

4. No bead locks, rim guards, or full centers.


Hood/Trunk cutout bolts may be used. Max. 6 per hole, no larger than 3/8” bolts

11⁄4” inch washers. Hood maybe secured in (1) four spots with 3/8” chain (2) four spots with three strands of #9 wire

2. Doors & trunk lids may be secured in three places per vertical seam with max. 3/8” chains, or #9 wire (three strands),Location of chain, #9 wire do not need to remain on vertical seams but must adhere to total count (i.e. - a sedan with 3 vertical seams will be allowed 12 total spots to be used at driver’s discretion).

3. All hoods MUST open on stock hinges or removed completely for inspection regardless of cutout hole

4. All rear inner decking panels must be removed from station wagons. All body seams must be visible for inspection whether it is a used car that is bent or a fresh car that is pre-bent. All trunks must have an 8” X 8” hole must be cut for inspection.



1. Any year OEM car bumper is allowed You may cut or bend bumper ends for clearance.

2. You may also use a 3”by 3” 1/4 piece of square tubing with a 3” point spanning over 30” call with questions

3. All bumpers and tubing may not be loaded !! Ends must be able to see through

4. Bumper skins may be welded

5. A 8” by 8” 1/4 plate may be used to close holes on factory bumpers for mounting. Plate must be located between bumper and front of frame

6. A single Bumper or single tubing may be hard nosed you can also weld a factory shock or bracket or a 2”by2” 1/4 tubing on the OUTSIDE !!! of frame no father back then 6” absolutely nothing inside of the frame !!! No welds past 6” from the front of frame or you will be cutting!!

7.All bumpers MUST have two chains (max of 3/8”) or two spots of 9-wire (max of two strands) from bumper to sheet metal. If they pass through the hood, they will not count towards your total hood or trunk tie downs. No more than TWO may pass thru the trunk, hood, core support or any other sheet metal. No welding bumpers to bodies.



1. Engine & transmission swapping between manufactures is allowed. Do not strengthen

frames or cross-members with mounts. One engine chain per side may be used max length 18” or closed loops no bigger than 3/8 chain, bolted to existing factory hole, or wrapped around frame only. Factory style transmission cross members must be used.

3. NO FANS !!!

4. Aftermarket shifters, gas pedals, ignitions switches, transmission coolers, and throttle linkages are allowed. Engine cradles slider drive shafts and Transmission braces are NOT allowed.

********80’s and newer class and 1/2 ton class will be allowed a simple lower cradle and front plate no pulley protectors. No excessive welding when mounting cradle to cross member!!!

DO NOT use full plates under the floor, attached any accessories to the frame , or strengthen the car in any way with them.

5. Water only in cooling system. Please drain antifreeze prior to arrival at the track. Any cooling system must be wired or bolted no welding. Water boxes may be used but cannot be secured with more then four 3/8” bolts using 11⁄4” inch washers. Must be located under the hood !!

6. Exhaust may exit under the car or straight up through the hood. Some type of air cleaner must be used. No open carbs will be allowed.

7. Two batteries per car are allowed. Batteries must be mounted securely to the passenger side floorboard and covered with a rubber mat. We REQUIRE metal frames bolted or welded to the floor or chains. Do not use zip screws, ratchet straps or rubber straps. Do not strengthen car with the battery box. We REQUIRE metal frames bolted or welded to the floor or chains. Do not use zip screws, rubber straps or ratchet straps thru the floor. Do not strengthen car with the battery box.

8. Distributor protectors are NOT allowed. All large holes in firewall must be covered with tin, heavy rubber or fire resistant material.



1. Any non-braced rear end may be used with a max count of 5 lugs .Rear suspension may be solid but must not have aftermarket shocks and the chain used to hold height may not be welded to the frame.

2. Rear shocks may be sleeved with pipe but pipe may not be welded to frame of vehicle

3. No rear end brace allowed.

4. Pinion brake will be allowed on all rears - use only NECESSARY welding. Any welding deemed to be excessive will be required to remove

6. Suspension may be raised by using torsion adjustments, Front Suspension may be locked. Rear suspension may be clamped or stuffed with rags. Shocks and springs may be from cars only. No plating or added metal will be allowed to strengthen springs, struts, etc. NO TRUCK PARTS.

7. Factory leafed cars must have factory spring packs with correct step-downs. No more than two replacement clamps will be allowed on each spring pack. They may not exceed 1⁄4” X 2” X 5”.

8. No suspension conversions except airbags to coil springs. Trailing arms are to remain stock. This includes the watts link cars.


Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Anyone caught in violation of the alcoholic beverages policy will be asked to leave the premises. All vehicles with be subject to search upon entry to the grounds. Anyone thought to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance will not be permitted on the grounds. Violations by any driver or crew member will result in disqualification and removal from the grounds.